Tracing Your Irish Ancestors

By John Grenham
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Genealogical research in Ireland has always depended on records that are more fragmented, localised and difficult to access than anywhere else. The internet is changing that. More and more records are coming online and this book is an indispensable guide to what these records are, where they are, and what they mean. This fourth edition of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors embraces online research as an essential part of any Irish family history project. Grenham includes detailed guides to Irish online records throughout the book, discussing the idiosyncrasies of the digital versions of sources and outlining research strategies. The sheer scale of digitisation can make it both easier and more confusing to do research, and makes a guide such as this all the more essential. John Grenham s well-established and detailed guide has thorough descriptions of all the relevant sources and county-by-county reference lists all expanded, updated and indexed to make the book easier to use than ever before.

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